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Have you ever met someone who was completely different from anyone else? Did they have wild hair, or with a funky colour? Tattoos? Crazy clothes? Eat weird food? Perhaps you are that someone. A lot of people would call them strange because they do not blend in with everyone else.

You might have heard of John the Baptist. John the Baptist was THAT person in the bible. One of which I am sure people looked at in the same way. He lived his life very differently from the norm. He is described; “John was clothed with camel’s hair and wore a leather belt around his waist. And his diet was locusts and wild honey.”

John wasn’t just different, he was weird! He didn’t care what others thought about him. He was so focused on what his calling was, that he had no time to worry about what others thought about him. John was confident, not in his own abilities, but by followed his calling, regardless of what others thought.

You see, truth is, we are all a bit like John the Baptist, in some way or another. We all have our quirks that could be considered “weird”, “strange”, “silly” or “stupid”. But is this not the very thing that makes each one of us unique? Each of us are sculpted uniquely by God, whatever you may perceive Him/Her/Them to be.

So be comfortable, with your own “strange”, be confidently “weird”, be uniquely YOU!

What is the one that makes you different from everyone else?